Sculpture on the Gulf is a great reason to visit Waiheke Island

Like Lantern Festival, Sculpture on the Gulf is an event that I always attend when I’m in Auckland.  Sculpture Walk 2015 was the subject of my first real post on I had hoped to spend a week or two getting to know Waiheke Island, but the timing wasn’t right, so we took the ferry … Continue reading Sculpture on the Gulf is a great reason to visit Waiheke Island

Leaving Auckland is such sweet sorrow

Some time around early November I knew that I would soon be leaving Auckland.  I resolved to make the most of the time I had left.  It was a sort of New Years resolution, and I started strong, with a 3 day trip to Tiritiri Matangi Island in early January. After that my efforts tapered … Continue reading Leaving Auckland is such sweet sorrow

The Big Smoke

I haven’t personally ever heard Auckland referred to as “The Big Smoke”.  But over the course of last summer, traveling around the South Island, I got to hear a lot of what kiwis outside of Auckland think about New Zealand‘s largest city. A while back I was having drinks with a native Aucklander who was … Continue reading The Big Smoke

Back to New Zealand

I’m making New Zealand home again.  But I have no plans to stop traveling.  For the foreseeable future I’ll still be steppin’ the miles, touring this beautiful country, and reporting back to you with stunning photos, and stories, travel tips, reviews and recommendations. First I’ll do just a little catching up, with my small adventures … Continue reading Back to New Zealand