Ambrosia Cafe

I’m looking forward to taking you to Nelson Lakes and Mount Robert, but I’ve run into more problems with New Zealand internet.  I’m staying at a fairly remote campground with WiFi, not free, but not too unreasonable, by New Zealand standards.  It went out three days ago.  For two days, the owners were told that the guy was coming from Nelson.  Apparently the only guy for a rather large area (Nelson is a slightly more than two hour drive away).  Today they were told that a new modem was being shipped to them.  It isn’t clear who diagnosed the problem, or why a modem wasn’t shipped before, or whether there is anyone here who can actually do anything with the modem when it arrives.

My mobile data options allow me to post, but it would be prohibitively expensive to upload the number of images I want to share with you.  I’ve only posted reviews of businesses that offer free, reliable WiFi, so I’m posting about Ambrosia Cafe, which has been very helpful to me since I arrived in the South Island.

Ambrosia Cafe is centrally located in Richmond, New Zealand.  As far as i know, there’s only one table that has a place to plug in, but I haven’t totally confirmed that.  The WiFi is free, fast and reliable.  It requires a password, which is written in chalk on the menu board.

Ambrosia Cafe’s menu is relatively small, but the food is good.  Many go there for the coffee.  I enjoy the tea.  The atmosphere is good, and the staff is friendly and helpful, and don’t mind me working there from 10am until closing at 5pm.  For more details visit Ambrosia Cafe’s website.

The South Island has reminded me what is has to offer, and I’m excited to post about what I’ve seen, and also about the fact that I’ve barely scratched the surface.  I hope to show you soon.