Auckland Lantern Festival

The Auckland Lantern Festival is celebrated on the first full moon following the Chinese New Year.  This is one of the Auckland events that I like to attend every year.  The lanterns get better every year, and they look great lit up at night.  They look great in photos.  There is a wide variety of good Asian food and drinks available.  This year I took in just a little more performance than I have in the past – not because it isn’t well worth it.  I hope you can see the enthusiasm on the faces of the tiny dancers!  They all gave great performances.

There is a gallery of 52 pictures below.  Or to view them on Imgur, click here.

For more on the Auckland Lantern Festival visit Auckland’s website:

The Lantern Festival has a reputation for being very crowded, and for difficult parking.  I parked at Bayswater Marina and took the ferry over, but that meant that I had to leave before sundown (there is a later ferry on Friday nights).  I enjoyed the festival during the day, when there was really no crowd to speak of.  But the lanterns do look best at night.

Albert Park is a nice park and wort a visit at any time.  The stars are some really amazing trees.  I think you can appreciate their beauty in some of these pictures.

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