I give Barabra’s WiFi 4 bars for being free, fast, reliable, and basically unlimited (details below).  Barabra has one small table indoors with a place to plug in, and plugs outside that can be used from 2-3 tables, depending how the tables are set up on a given day.

Barabra is a bar and cafe on Prince’s Warf in central Auckland.  The view of the harbor and the Auckland Harbor Bridge is awesome.  It’s a great place to spend the day, and just as enjoyable at night.  Most of the seating is outside, but sheltered from the rain.  In the early afternoon the sun shines on Barabra, if there are no clouds, and can be quite bright, causing customers to move to the limited number of tables that offer shelter from its rays.

Visit Barabra’s website for menus, maps and other information.

Barabra’s WiFi doesn’t have a password, so it’s easy to connect the first time you visit.  Because it’s wide open, there is a limit of 400GB per day.  However, if you hit your  limit, the staff can call the tech guy, and he can reset your limit.  I told him that I had hit the limit a second time, and he removed the limit entirely for my laptop.  They want you to be able to use the WiFi, and they want you to stick around and enjoy Barabra.  The staff are always friendly and helpful.

Barabra serves a full range of coffees and teas, and also wine and beer, as well as various other beverages.  There is a good selection of food available as well, including scones and muffins, sandwiches and pizza.  For the great location, you pay a bit more for the food and alcoholic beverages.

You’re right by the harbor, and there’s always something interesting going on on the water.  I’ve made a number of posts about interesting things I’ve seen from Barabra, including the Haunui and the Hōkūleʻa, and the floating event center.  Barabra was also a great place to watch the Harbor Bridge Lightshow, and I still hope to see that make a comeback.

My timing isn’t the best for posting this review.  Because much of the cafe is outdoors, and in a location that draws a lot of tourist traffic, the number of customers drops off in the winter.  I’m confident that outdoor heaters keep it comfortable, and Barabra appears to remain open, but I was told that the hours and menu would be reduced.

If you need WiFi and a coffee or tea, you can’t do much better than Barabra.