Bethell’s Beach and Lake Wainamu

in which Miles goes looking for the Te Henga Walkway, but explores another west coast beach and a nearby lake instead.

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I had planned to visit the Te Henga Walkway, which starts near Bethell’s Beach, although I had gotten sort of a late start.  I missed the small car park for the walkway and ended up at the beach car park, so I went for a look at the beach instead.  On my way back I found the car park for Lake Wainamu, and found that I still had time for a walk around the lake.

I’m still having problems with images in WordPress, and I’m going to avoid a fight with it today by loading just one image for this post.  I tell the whole story in captions under the photos on imgur, so enjoy the full gallery of 29 images, and the rest of the story there!

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