Devonport, pre- and post Pam

Pam was a category 5 cyclone when she slammed Vanuatu, and she could have been bad for New Zealand as well.  Weather reports said that I had a half day or more on Sunday before the rain began, followed by a solid day of rain on Monday.  It seemed wise to spend that half-day outside on Sunday.  In spite of strong winds, a lot of kiwis and tourists alike had that same idea.

There is a gallery of 12 pictures below.  To view on imgur, click here.

I decided to head for high ground with a view of the east, to watch the weather develop.  North Head and Mt. Victoria are both volcanic cones in Devonport, fortified by Maori, then by Europeans, today reserves/parks.

In this gallery I have focused on the scenery almost entirely, rather than buildings, guns or bunkers.

Rain started around 2:00pm on Sunday, winds got intense Sunday night into Monday morning, skies were clear and blue by late Monday morning.

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