Henri Cafe

In which Miles gives props to a 5-star, 4-bar WiFi café.

Henri Café has fast, reliable internet at no extra charge.  Get the WiFi password on your first visit.  I haven’t seen it change.  Other than needing to be reset now and then, it has always been there for me.  I’ve always had what I need to get work done online.  There are plenty of places to plug in, with sockets for every table along the long wall.  This is my favorite place to spend a day working and drinking tea.  I like to sit at a table in the front room, and watch the weather on Victoria Road.

The owner and staff at Henri are very friendly and helpful.  I’ve always been made to feel welcome, even at the end of a 7 hour day.  Henri opens at 7:00am and closes at 5:00pm.

Henri Café is a clean, modern, well-lit space on Devonport’s main drag at 10 Victoria Road, just a few blocks from the ferry.  The menu is broad, with a wide selection of snacks and meals at a wide range of prices.  A burger and fries costs around $17, an Italian Chicken or Greek Salad is available at about the same price, with cold sandwiches (toasted if you prefer) at $6.50.  They offer a good selection of black, green and fruity teas.  I don’t drink coffee, but many loyal customers do so every day.  Treats to enjoy with coffee or tea include muffins and scones and tarts.

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I don’t currently have a photo of Henri Cafe.  There are two on the internet; one at the Facebook page above, and one on Google.


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