K Dine / Ambrosia

I give K Dine 4 bars for offering WiFi that is fast, free, reliable and unlimited.  There are no plugs near the tables though, so you’ll want to arrive with a fully charged battery.

K Dine has among the highest of ratings among restaurants in the Albany area.  I understand that it is a high-end restaurant for dinner, with a romantic atmosphere, offering wine pairings with evening meals.

I’ve only been there for lunch however.  It is usually relatively quiet at lunch time.  To bring diners in at lunch, they offer a great express lunch menu consisting of delicious meals for $16.50, with a drink.

The staff are always courteous and professional, welcoming and friendly.  The food is always good.

K Dine is changing their name soon to Ambrosia.  Here are links to their old and new websites:  K DineAmbrosia

K Dine
K Dine