Kite Boarding Nationals 2014

In which Miles flashes back to 2014 for a better look at kite boarders on Shoal Bay.

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In my previous post I mentioned the kite boarders on Shoal Bay in Auckland, but I didn’t have the right camera for shooting from a distance, so I could offer no good views of them.

I didn’t follow the competition, at the Kite Boarding Nationals back in 2014, but I enjoyed taking pictures.  I’d like to share with you these views of Shoal Bay, and point out the sand spit that reaches far out into the bay, when the tide is sufficiently low.  If I understand correctly, this makes it quite convenient for the kite boarders to get out on the bay and launch.

I may not have known what was going on, but I did find it a scenic event, with the many kites adding just a little something to the bay itself.

Enjoy the full gallery of 13 photos, click here.


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