More JFK

In which Miles just keeps going back to John F. Kennedy Memorial Park.

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I keep going back to JFK, any time I need to get outside and don’t have a lot of time or a better plan.

My main inspiration for posting again about JFK is this shy seal pup.


The water level was high, more due to a swell, I was told, than with the tide.  There were lots of birds enjoying the rough water and windy weather. The waves were loud, so it took a while to hear him barking at me.  I realized that I had walked between him and the harbor.  There was nothing between us, and he wasn’t far off, and I may have been lucky that he wasn’t an older and larger seal.  I moved to get out of his way, and he hid behind a large rock.  As I took these photos, I decided that I might still not be giving him enough room.  I got well out of his way, and he headed for the water, stopping to look back before disappearing behind a rock shelf.


The first view from the stairs is always good.  Some days the water looks especially clear.


In many areas the cliffs are always changing.  While sitting on drift wood for a break, I usually hear small rocks falling, possibly sent on their way by the doves and other birds who gather on the cliffs in increasing numbers as evening approaches.


There is ample evidence of very large rocks and even trees fallen from the cliffs.  This is something to always be aware of while exploring JFK Park.


I’m still fascinated by the various rock shelves along the coast…


…and the ever changing views of Rangitoto, which itself seems to look the same from wherever I see it along the east coast of Auckland.


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To view the full gallery of 21 photos in imgur, click here.