Orewa Estuary Walkway

In which Miles visits the beach-side community of Orewa.

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Also called the Te Ara Tahuna Estuary cycle and walkway, this is a nice place for locals to go to walk or cycle, and even a good way to get around the area away from cars and traffic.  It doesn’t compare to walks like the Te Henga Walkway though.  Orewa Beach is right there, and looked pretty long.  I think just walking along the beach would have been a nicer walk.

Orewa Estuary has mangroves in various states of growth along the shores.  About half way around there are back yards of houses on the other side of the walkway.  The other half was basically a sidewalk along a road, although there was construction in a grassier area through which the path may run when completed.

A common theme repeated itself on this walk – at a certain point the path ended at a sidewalk on a residential street, and I used Google Maps to find my way back to where I parked.  The walkway is a loop, but there are paths that branch off of it.  I think I chose wrong at a sign that indicated that the walkway went both left and right, with no further explanation.

I had a little time to spend on the beach, and took some photos there as well.

To view the full gallery of 10 photos on imgur, click here.


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