Rahopara Pa

In which Miles visits historic Rahopara Pa, and revisits Kennedy Park.

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This started as a second visit to Kennedy Park, but I thought I remembered that there was something more at the end of the park, and wanted to have a look.


There are some signs in the area furthest from the car park.  This gate leads to the pathway to Rahopara Pa.

The path leads along the coast, behind the back yards of some nice houses.  It shows off some nice natural landscape and some great views of Rangitoto Island.


The furthest corner of the pa, with another view of Rangitoto Island.  Walking along the coast, the pa area seemed pretty small, but on the map it appears to extend away from the coast and downhill a bit further than I explored.20150710_150933

“This is a small pa on a headland in a public domain north of Takapuna City. The defended site is a small headland citadel, but excavations showed that the initial site was a much larger terraced settlement, making use of the natural defences of the cliffs, with the inland slopes terraced. At a later time about one third of the site was defended with a ditch and bank, but without palisading. The earlier settlement included deep rectangular storepits as well as shallow pits which were interpreted to be house sites. An earth oven pit belonging to the earlier occupation has been dated to between AD 1466 and 1648.” (NZ-1762). Department of Conservation.  link

It sounds worthy of a closer look some time.

I did walk down to the shore again at Kennedy Park, and took some more pictures of the place.  I didn’t see any more giant rays.

To view the full gallery of 12 photos on imgur, click here.


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