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Korean cuisine is the best restaurant value in New Zealand

The Korean food in New Zealand is just like I remember it from Korea.  The ingredients and flavors seem very authentic.  So do the metal chopsticks and spoons, and stone bowls that can be served hot, for finishing the cooking of dolsot bibimbap in the bowl for example.

Dolsot bibimbap
Dolsot bibimbap – Wikimedia Commons

Because Auckland is one of the larger and more diverse cities in New Zealand, Auckland has a lot of Korean restaurants to choose from.

Fish roe soup at Myeong Dong restaurant in Takapuna

In Auckland, a main, such as fish roe soup (above), costs about $13-$15.  They are served with 5-8 side dishes, always including kimchi – and you can ask for more.  Tea is usually included as well.

The photo above was taken at Myeong Dong Korean restaurant in Takapuna.  They have free WiFi!

Makgeolli is a Korean rice beer that I really recommend.  It is available at most Korean restaurants.

Makgeolli - Wikimedia Commons
Makgeolli – Wikimedia Commons

One of my favorites is Totoya Korean Japanese Restaurant in Albany.  They serve 8 sides with every main, and they’re always busy.

Man Du Rang in Northcote Center serves the tastiest dolsot bibimbap I’ve had.  Everything there is good, but they don’t serve alchohol.

Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ restaurants are a bit different in that they specialize in meats cooked by guests on a grill at their tables, but they can offer great value as well.  My favorite is One Dak Hanmari Korean BBQ in Takapuna.

One Dak Hanmari Korean BBQ in Takapuna
One Dak Hanmari Korean BBQ in Takapuna

For $25 you get all you can eat, with quality cuts of meat and a wide range of Korean side dishes and deserts.

One Dak Hanmari Korean BBQ in Takapuna
One Dak Hanmari Korean BBQ in Takapuna

Many Asian cuisines are available at a good price in New Zealand, but I have found none that is a better consistent value than Korean.