O'Neill Beach and Bethell's Beach

Te Henga Walkway

In which Miles walks the Te Henga Walkway, and discovers O’Neill Beach.

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Almost a week ago I posted about a mission to walk the Te Henga Walkway that turned into a visit to Bethell’s Beach and Lake Wainamu.  In this post I’ll tell you about my return to the area to walk part of the Te Henga Walkway.

This walk is ideally done with at least two people with cars, so that one can be left at the Muriwai end of the walk.  Most of the people I met along the way seemed to be doing this, although at least one guy was walking it both ways.  The DOC site only talks about walking to Constable Road, but more people seemed to be sticking to the coast and heading for Muriwai Beach.  The walk is 3-4 hours one way, so walking there and back the same day would be doable, but I rarely get started early enough for that.  On this particular day I would have turned back out of fatigue alone, and I’m not really sure why, although there were some long and steep climbs.  It was very windy; maybe I wasn’t drinking enough water.  At one point you go all the way to the top of the cliffs overlooking the sea, and you can see a long distance inland as well.  The Bethell’s Beach area doesn’t get mobile phone coverage, but you get it the top of those hills.

I’ll let pictures and their captions tell the rest of the story.  To view the full gallery of 43 photos on imgur, click here.

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